Recent Projects
This was a very fun, and popular, collaborative project between ITCN’s Barry Wise, Sugarrae, Streko and Reese. ITCN provided all the development and programming using PHP to access the Twitter API via XML feed. It was so popular on the first day of it’s launch it reached #8 on the list of most popular sites on the Internet. View more sites in our Application Programming Portfolio.


ITCN built and designed the entire website and database application used by the ADT sales staff. ADTPays is one of several websites which ITCN has recently built for ADT which handles their sales lead generation and payouts.  View the rest of our Corporate Customer Portfolio.


Surfside Condominiums at Seaside Heights, NJSeaside Heights, NJ Summer Rentals
A unique project for ITCN, Surfside Condominiums at Seaside Heights, NJ, hired ITCN not only to design and develop their website, but to customize a WordPress installation so that they could have a complete CMS and blogging platform.  View our complete NJ Business Web Design Portfolio.


David Blass, Teaneck, NJ DentistDavid Blass, Teaneck, NJ Dentist
ITCN has been engaged in a modest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) marketing effort to promote the website for David Blass, a dentist in Teaneck serving Bergen County, NJ.  View other sites in our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Portfolio.