Clients hire ITCN NJ Web Design and Marketing because they have a unique business idea that they want to develop on the internet, and they know and trust ITCN to be able to deliver a custom developed application exactly to their unique specifications, on time and within budget.

We can build in almost any server environment (such as Microsoft, Unix, and Linux) with just about any language (ASP.NET, PHP, XML, and Web Services, to name a few). Some of the projects we have undertaken include:

ITCN applications are designed from the end user perspective based on a thorough understanding of client business processes, project objectives, and target audiences. Total client involvement throughout our development process and our years of experience in application architecture ensure the creation of the solution you need. Our programming expertise in many languages, across multiple platforms, and with numerous database systems combine to deliver technology-transparent functionality to meet any business need. 

E-Commerce Development

There are various ways to bring your product and/or service to market on the web, and ITCN has experience in designing, developing and programming many of them. We’ve built custom shopping cart systems which integrate with third-party gateway systems and merchant accounts, and we’ve also customized existing e-commerce systems in order to integrate them with your custom financial software. We’ve also programmed several different custom data-enabled web-based financial accounting applications for our clients – check out our portfolio.

There are a lot of things to look for in an e-commerce application which you should consider when deciding between using a pre-built shopping cart system and developing a custom one. For example, does your inventory have a specific need which does not fit well within traditional shopping cart software which sells items like t-shirts? Perhaps you need to allow your customers to purchase gift certificates and track them by unqiue ID for your marketing campaign, or maybe you require a certain percentage of profites to be tracked via a seperate financial transaction? Maybe you also want to make sure your shopping cart can be indexed by search engines?

These are all specific client requirements which ITCN has encountered and solved before. We do not simply bring database and programming skill to a project, we bring the knowledge of how e-commerce and online applications work. This allows us to take your requirements and find the quickest, easiest, most profitable, and quite often, the most affordable, solution for you.

Database Design

We wrote the book! Quite Literally — ITCN President and Founder Barry Wise’s definitive publication titled Database Normalization and Design Techniques has been re-published dozens of times in ten foreign langauges, and is being used on the teaching cirriculum of over a dozen Universities, including the Harvard MIS program. Trust us, we know database design.