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ITCN NJ Web Design and PHP ProgrammingWhen hiring a PHP or database developer in New Jersey, it is important to consider the following aspects:

The PHP developer or development firm should have at least four years experience in creating applications, and similar expertise crafting the applications that your company requires. Experience, education and training are the three aspects that create successful developers.

The PHP developer should have experience with the following languages: PHP (of course), SEO-aware Semantic HTML Coding, MySQL, XML and preferably Javascript and AJAX. Experience should be listed on the job proposal and should be verified prior to employment with samples, a portfolio and at least one reference.

Communication Skills are a must. During the initial meeting, communication skills can be assessed through the question and answer process of the interview. Whomever is managing the project must be able to communicate effectively. Effective communication is necessary to complete adequate systems design that reach the company’s expectations.  This is one of the major reasons companies are turning away from offshore outsourcing and looking towards local development firms with a proven track record.

How long has the developer or development firm been in business? Just as important as experience is dependability and marketability; if the development firm has been in business for a long time you know you can trust them to be around for a while.  You also need to know there is someone here who can answer your support calls and fix any problems which may arise with the code.

Are you considering hiring a freelance PHP developer? Freelance developers may come at lower costs, but cannot be held accountable through an organization. Finding a trustworthy freelance PHP developer with a high work ethic is almost impossible, and that is just another reason to consider a dependable NJ web design firm with a strong client base.

It is important to develop ongoing relationships with any programmers or designers you work with, as they will be more familiar with the role and expectations of the company.  Should you need to expand current systems or integrate new ones, you know you’ll have someone you can depend on to get the job done right the first time.

About the Author:
Barry Wise is a professional Web Design, SEO and Programming guru with over 10 years experience working in PHP and database systems.  As the President of ITCN NJ Web Design, he has worked on PHP programming projects for companies of every size in New Jersey, from local business e-commerce sites to large corporate data systems.

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