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ITCN NJ Web Design and MarketingITCN NJ Web Design and Marketing today launched the latest iteration of their online presence at http://www.itcn.com.  ITCN has been offering web design, application programming, online marketing and search engine optimization services in Morristown, New Jersey since 1998.

“One of the challenges of having been around so long, for the past decade in Morristown, has been keeping our own website looking new and fresh, ” says Barry Wise, President of ITCN NJ Web Design and Marketing.  “We spend a lot of time working on our clients’ projects, that we tend to neglect our own.”

ITCN has delivered database-enabled web applications and marketing services for some of the biggest employers in New Jersey, including Lucent, Avaya, AT&T and ADT Security.

“Sure, we’ve worked on some very complex projects for big business over the years, ” says Wise. “But with the re-launch of our website we wanted to let the local community know that we are still committed to working with small and local businesses right here in New Jersey.  The experience we’ve had developing and marketing some of these big companies with big budgets on Google and Yahoo have given us a clear competitive advantage when it comes to targetting local and regional customers.”

ITCN is primarily an online marketing company which specializes in three aspects of web marketing: Web Design, Application Programming, and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
 “After 10 years in business in a very fast-paced and competitive market like the web, you really appreciate the fact that there is no room for a learning curve.  When we are contracted for a project, we come out of the gate running, ready to complete that project on time and within budget every time, ” says Wise. “If we didn’t, we wouldn’t have been in business for 10 years.”
ITCN, http://www.itcn.com, has been providing online marketing, SEO, web design, and application programming services for New Jersey since 1998.  Working with Fortune 500 clients such as Lucent, Avaya, IBM and AT&T, ITCN has become positioned as the local leader in web design and marketing services.

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