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NJ Mayors Wellness CampaignNew Jersey online marketing and web design firm ITCN, a recognized leader in web design and programming, today launched a new website for the Mayors Wellness Campaign at http://www.mayorswellnesscampaign.org.

“When we approach a project, we don’t like to just give a new look to the same old stale content,” says Barry Wise, President of ITCN. “We like to determine with the client what the true objective with their web presence may be, whether it is just more traffic, more sales revenue, or simply brand awareness. We then use our experience in user interface development and database programming, coupled with online marketing and search engine placement, to implement their objective.”

The goal of the New Jersey Mayors Wellness Campaign is to equip mayors and other key leaders with the tools to develop and implement active-living initiatives in their communities with the ultimate goal of improving health and reducing the skyrocketing health care costs that come with the obesity problem in New Jersey.

“We’ve worked with a lot of other large web application projects in the healthcare field before, such as the New Jersey Health Care Quality Institute, the Hoboken University (formerly St. Mary’s) Medical Center, and the Bon Secours Medical Staff. But the MWC was a unique challenge, ” says Wise. “They have a very specific target audience they want to reach with their website – public officials and key decision makers on the local civic level throughout New Jersey. Our goal was not merely web design; it was web interaction with a specific purpose.”

One of the most important interactive features of the new site is the ability for town Mayors or other officials to pledge their support for the MWC active lifestyle project. ITCN accomplished this goal by supplying a method for Mayors to sign the pledge in digital form, and then allow anyone who visits the site the ability to check and see if their town is included on the list.

“We are of course aware that this is a public web presence, and even though it is a tool for public officials, it is also a source of information for all their constituents, ” says Wise. “So we wanted to let everyone check on the status of their own town, and on the activity and commitment level of their local government.”

ITCN delivered the website as a custom application in the form of a Content Management System, which allows MWC site administrators to update the site on their own, whenever they feel the need to add new content.

“The Mayors Wellness Campaign plans to keep updating the site with newsworthy items of interest, videos, photo galleries, grant information, and more. And they want to do this on a fairly regular basis, so it didn’t make sense to have someone else do it for them. So ITCN provided them with a complete custom Content Management System which allows them to add news and update website content daily, ” says Wise.

ITCN, http://www.itcn.com, has been providing online marketing, SEO, web design, and application programming services for New Jersey since 1998. Working with Fortune 500 clients such as Lucent, Avaya, IBM and AT&T, ITCN has become positioned as the local leader in web design and marketing services.

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